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"If it's not racially just, it's not trauma informed."

Trauma Transformed is honored to work with a beloved community of Bay Area people-led by RYSE working at the nexus of racial justice and trauma. This community focuses on the intersections of trauma-informed work and... read more.

Trauma Transformed
launches regional effort in SF Bay Area

Nearly 300 impassioned and committed people crowded into the Green Room at the San Francisco War Memorial and Performing Arts Center last week to launch Trauma Transformed. Known as T2, the regional effort – representing the San Francisco Department of Public Health and seven Bay Area counties – is funded by a four-year, $4-million grant from the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

To continue reading this article by ACEs Connection community facilitator Alicia St. Andrews click here.

The Bay Area underground dance community suffered a terrible tragedy on Dec. 2, 2016. For those of you wanting to process what happened, we invite you to our Sidewalk Talk event. Sidewalk Talk is a community listening project started by psychotherapists. You talk. We listen.

Please note that we are not offering free therapy; we are offering empathic listening.

If you would like to volunteer, please do the following:
1. Follow the instructions on this page: Click Here
2. RSVP to this Sidewalk Talk event: Click Here
3. RSVP to this Facebook event and turn on notifications for this event.

Youth Leadership Summit a Success

“September 28 and 29 2016, Youth in Mind and Trauma Transformed collaborate to host a Trauma Transformed Youth Leadership Summit. Transition Age Youth from all across the Bay Area region come together to collaborate with one another as they explore their strengths and skills as they bring their community voice to empower the workforce."

Trauma Transformed recognizes and acknowledges the pain and grief that is impacting our community in regards to the GhostShip tragedy. Check out the Facebook page of Bay Area therapists who are offering both pro bono and low-fee sessions to survivors and the friends and family of the victims: https://www.facebook.com/

Additional Counseling Resources and programs:

Alameda Crisis Support Counseling line

Integral Counseling Center @ Pierce Street is offering free counseling (up to 3 sessions) for friends or family members affected by the Oakland GhostShip tragedy who are in need of emotional support. Please pass the word on to anyone who may have been directly impacted. They can contact the Integral Counseling Center at Pierce Street at 415-776-3109.
If you are a therapist interested in helping at the official family support center, please contact lewing@pacificcenter.org.

Pacific Center for Human Growth is working with the county to provide on-site therapist to specifically help LGBTQQI 2-Spirit families and loved ones. Pacific Center-trained therapist will be present at the GhostShip site everday from noon to 6 PM to support those who are showing up at the burned ruins and waiting.

Pacific Center is also offering a on-going, free, drop-in grief & trauma group this Saturday 11am, December 10, 2016 to dates throughout 2017 at Pacific Center for Human Growth in Berkeley.

If family/loved ones need a space to hold a memorial, Pacific Center venue is available at no charge. Please contact Eddie Gesso, EGesso@pacificcenter.org 510.548.8283 x 210.

Trauma in the Wake of Tragedies

We here at Trauma Transformed grieve with our collective communities impacted by violence and trauma. While we hope for collective healing, the Bay Area community stands in solidarity with Orlando this time of profound loss and grief. Please feel free to use or share the following resources from the National Council Behavioral Health.
Sincerely, the Trauma Transformed Bay Area Team

In the wake of harrowing tragedies like the Orlando massacre, people far and wide can experience trauma—even if they were not directly involved in the event. And the signs don’t necessarily manifest themselves right away. They may appear later. But we can help. All of us can help someone who struggles with trauma—whether you work in the medical community, you are just another caring individual or you are a mental health or addictions provider.

In that vein, the National Council for Behavioral Health would like to share a few resources with you:

We hope these resources are helpful—whether you find them informative or want to share them with others in your community.

Who We Are

Trauma Transformed is the only regional center and clearinghouse in the Bay Area that promotes a trauma-informed system by providing trainings and policy guidance to systems of care professionals and organizations. A trauma-informed system is one that builds awareness and knowledge of trauma to shape policies and practices aimed at reducing the re-traumatization of youth and families and the professionals who serve them. read more